A Japanese woman looks at a cat when she is scared during a demonstration of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water for PlayStation 4

Edition Famitsu held a gameplay demo of the remaster Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water in version for Playstation 4… The girl, showing the gameplay of the horror, at the very beginning was frightened by the ghosts surrounding her character, and to calm down, she turned on a cute video with a cat washing her face. Then she continued to play, emotionally reacting to what was happening on the screen.

(Gameplay starts at 17:23):

In addition to improved graphics, the re-release of the horror film released in 2014 will include a photo mode, which allows you to take pictures with any characters and ghosts, using a variety of backgrounds, effects and other settings.

In addition, the remaster will include additional costumes that were not in the original version for Wii U, however, dressing the main character in Zelda or Samus Aran will not work, since these outfits will not be available even in the version for Switch.

The release of the updated version of Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water is scheduled for 28 of October for Playstation 5, Xbox Series, Playstation 4, Xbox one, Nintendo Switch and PC

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