“A game that no one else plays” – in 2019, Pokemon GO earned nearly $ 900 million

In the vastness of the network, one can often find statements that Pokemon go has lost its base of players and is no longer popular, however, they are erroneous, as every time new reports about commercial successes of the project speak about.

According to the analytic company Sensor tower, In 2019, Pokemon GO earned nearly $ 900 million – more than in 2016, 2017 and 2018..

Dynamics by years:

  • 2016 – $ 832 million
  • 2017 – $ 589 million (-29%)
  • 2018 – $ 816 million (+ 38%)
  • 2019 – 894 million dollars (+ 10%)

In 2019, most of the Pokemon GO revenue was generated by American gamers – almost 335 million dollars. Japan finished second with $ 286 million, and Germany with $ 54 million closed the top three.

On mobile devices running the Android operating system, the game earned $ 482 million, while the rest is on iOS devices.

Sensor Tower notes that revenue in many of the top iOS mobile games is usually ahead of Android, but in the case of Pokemon GO things are different historically.

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