A few words about the third week of the Quake Pro League

The main (and essentially the only) Quake League hosted matches for the third week. We will briefly talk about the results.

For those who are still not up to date:

  • Yes, Quake tournaments are still held
  • Yes, there are still few players, but it’s still interesting to watch
  • Recently, the unusual 3 Heroes per Round system has been canceled, and now dueling has returned to the standard ten-minute time limit.
  • Yes, Cooller is still playing.

The best match of the week was undoubtedly the battle of the champion of recent QuakeCon k1llsen’a and vengeurR’a, the top 12 of the same QuakeCon’a. We’ll spoil the result a little lower, but for now you can enjoy the match in the sweet fog of ignorance.



Quake Pro League, Week 3 Highlights

Records of all matches of the tournament can be found. on the official channel. The games of the next round will be held this weekend, pairs of players have not yet been determined.