A Day in Miami: New Fallout: Miami Trailer Appears On The Web

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A fan team that has been making a big addition for several years Fallout: Miami for Fallout 4, has published a new trailer for her project dedicated to gaming locations. A completely new world awaits fans of the series with an exciting main quest, side quests, equipment, settlements, many interesting characters and companions.

The city will consist of several districts, each with its own unique locations and atmosphere.

List of districts:

  • Meridian – an industrial zone on the outskirts with the famous Pop & Chill bottling plant, as well as other factories and houses of middle-class workers;
  • Atlantic – is located just behind the river and consists of two parts. One houses luxury resort hotels, including the Sunshine Hotel & Casino, and the other houses a residential area.
  • Maimon – home of the university campus and hospital.
  • Bayshore – a symbol of luxury housing and relaxation. The Cuban Golf Course is a consistently popular destination for visitors and locals alike.
  • Sheridan – a zone designated for tourism. There are many suburban neighborhoods on the west bank of the river, as well as Sheridan High School in Miami Beach, which borders the vast Bayshore golf course.
  • Center – the beating heart of Miami. Business, shops, bars, restaurants, theaters – everything is there, including the city hall and the conference center.
  • Flamingo – a patchwork quilt of retirement communities, entertainment and luxury. The “quieter” version of Miami.

Fallout: Miami will feature many factions such as the Nuclear Patriots, Dreamers and Cubans, each with their own unique story and style, and the map size will be slightly larger than Fallout 4’s Far Harbor expansion.

There is no exact release date for the add-on yet. The release is planned for PC only.

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