4K and DLSS: An insider spoke about the new Nintendo Switch model

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Next revision Nintendo Switch offer technology support NVIDIA DLSS along with functionality 4K… This is indicated by a new rumor.

Verified insider NateDrake shared on the ResetEra forum several new details he knew about the future console. He revealed that the updated Switch will not be just a new revision, but will receive a “substantial” upgrade, including support for 4K and DLSS, as mentioned in another recent rumor.… At the same time, the company is not going to abandon support for the current Switch models and will release its games on them for at least several more years.

In another post, NateDrake confirmed that the new Nintendo Switch should also receive some improvements in handheld mode. Perhaps we are talking about a display with a higher resolution.

As for the release date, the whistleblower is confident that the console will be announced this year.… The release appears to be still scheduled for 2021, but if it is delayed until next year, it will be announced within the next few months, writes NateDrake.

Nintendo itself does not actually deny the existence rumors Switch pro / Super switch… In a recent report on a direct question about whether a new console model is being prepared, the company did not deny it, noting only that “there will be no announcement in the near future.” According to Eurogamer, a new Switch model is indeed in the works, and Nintendo’s plan is to unveil it shortly before release.

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