Ghost of a Tale

Tale of a Ghost – this is a stealth action game for all popular platforms (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows). While this little story is early access, but we have already reached it, and therefore, we can tell whether or not to wait for its full release.

Who are you? And where are you going?

You will play for the mouse-minstrel Tilo. He lives in a world ruled by insidious and cruel rat. Unfortunately, our hero got into prison.
Now he does not know where he is and where his wife. Here you have a tie: get out at will and find his faithful. And in the course of passing game will slip you a book, notes and other interesting notes to help remember your past and assess the situation in the country. Very nice served the story of Tilo and Marah, his wife: every red rose you found adds a page in a book of memoirs.
Fortunately for the mouse, even in prison he can find friends. Or not exactly friends … Anyway, on the way to meet different Thilo multifaceted characters, each with their own destiny, motives are not always clear, and objective. You can trust them or do not trust, but to work together to escape, it is necessary.
Very friendly rats.
The early access allowed to pass only a piece of the story, so we can not for sure say what will happen next. But the game has already hinted at the variation of the story. It’s nice. Hopefully, the developers will not be deceived expectations and our actions really affect the future of Tilo.

Enemies around every corner!

In the meantime, the escape is not implemented, it is necessary to be very careful myshom. The main danger – the rat-jailers.
The bad news is that they are very angry! The good news: they are immensely stupid! If travel time and secretly hide these blockheads ever in life you will not find. Besides the usual speed of rats much lower speed of the mouse, so to escape from under the nose of the unfortunate jailers no problem!
Even viewing window in the shelters varies. View from the barrel vs. the view from the tables.
And to move smartly, have a lot to eat. Here and there you will find apples, carrots, wheat and other goodies to help keep in shape! The fact that the health and stamina here – the same thing. Only stamina recovers over time and health have to replenish yourself.
But if the escape fails, the rat can always cheat. The minstrel arsenal for this will be bottles, sticks and jars of oil. Toss, and the guard immediately comes to the noise. Silly, stupid rat!

The world is big, small world

Do not think that a prison – a raw stone monotonous corridors. The Ghost of a Tale at your disposal the whole island. Have to go dark mossy chamber down to a mysterious dungeon flooded with predatory leeches climb a very tall tower, obpolzat ruins … Oh yes, Thilo waiting for the real adventure!
Dark dungeons and the highest tower.
A nice feature of the game – it saves you time. From edge to edge of the seamless microcosm run and run, but over time the story will reveal the secret passages straight. And it does not have to once again hide from annoying rats. It’s great!

Mouse with a thousand faces

As in the real big rolevke in Ghost of a Tale has equipment and characteristics. Krysomyshinomu around the world are scattered pieces of different sets. You can dress up as a pirate, a thief, a guard … Depending on what you want to achieve!
Comparing characteristics pirate set and thieves.
If you collect a full set of some equipment, NPC will treat you very differently. So, wishing to deceive anyone, feel free to use their equipment. Just keep in mind that you need to find all of the set: if there is not at least one, you will be found out.
Silly rats are taking you for your, if you get on their armor.