1C Entertainment announces Company of Crime – turn-based tactics about the criminal empire of London in the 1960s

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After a small teaser company 1C Entertainment officially unveiled its new game. Became her Company of crime with turn-based tactical battles, narrating about the formation of a criminal empire in London in the 1960s.

According to the description, the game takes place in the cultural capital of the world, which has sheltered many enterprises and informal youth movements. The player’s task is to create a company capable of crushing the criminal world. In addition to the criminal side, users can take the position of senior inspector and lead the famous Flying Squad of Scotland Yard to restore order in the city.

“In the process, you will expand your sphere of influence by visiting pubs, clubs, veterinary clinics, tailor shops, ports and other parts of the city. You can recruit into your team gangsters with various skills that facilitate the commission of crimes, or detectives, who have many successful investigations. Who will prevail in this battle for London? The question you have to answer. “

The main feature of the project is hand-to-hand combat in tight spaces where each of the fighters has their own control zone, so their location directly affects the course of the battle. The player is free to block the way for opponents, take the enemy in number, and also attack from the rear, receiving a bonus to the attack for this. If the enemy obtains a pistol, it is necessary either to hide or to take away his weapons before he shoots the entire squad.

Company of Crime is developing the Finnish studio Resistance Games, and the game should be released in the summer of 2020 on PC.

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