10 spotters steeper Batman from O’Connor of Murdered: Soul Suspect to Karnbi of Alone in the Dark

Everyone wants to confess, they all want to achieve catharsis, especially those responsible … But all guilty of something.
Rast Cole, the TV series “True Detective”
Detective genre back into popular culture suddenly and confidently series “Sherlock” with Benedict Cumberbatch shows the stratospheric ratings Dzhonni Depp will soon be poking the train in the latest version of “Murder in the” Orient Express “” and video game fans look forward to a new investigation in Feybltaune.
Meanwhile, DC and Warner Bros. continue to increase the popularity of “the greatest detective in the world” – Batman. Recently it became known that a new film about the Dark Knight directed by Mett Rivz to star in the genre of detective nuarny. Probably Bryus Ueyn becomes an investigator for particularly important cases, and no you horror on the wings of the night. A ‘Stakhanovite’ of Telltale threaten us with imminent second season of his TV series about the character – and there myshu again have more query, refine and clarify. Who would sit at night, riding on the gargoyles? This question is still open.
According to the “True Detective” game did not. It’s a pity.
But in the world of video games is full of characters, coping with investigations not worse, and even much better than Betsy. After all, Batman is still known as the Dark Knight, and not as dark Oper. Throwing hooligans betarangi in – one, to uncover non-obvious thing – more. The detective must first observe, analyze, compare. “To be able to talk to all kinds of people,” – says sad senior lieutenant in a smoky room. We have selected ten gaming detectives who have all these talents to the fullest. And can surprise even something beyond that.

10. Devid Yang, the game Dark Dreams Do not Die

The scar from a bullet to the forehead and perpetual stubble. Marginal appearance detective put on the canon.
Extract from the personal file: two years ago left the police and now works as a private detective. She survived the death of his wife, after which he never recovered. Extremely attentive to detail – and we are careful with it, because the game is in the detective adventure – and the eye for any trifle. Cockroach has perseverance and looks amateur drink not biting. Only a fragile sense of life Yang – search for the murderer of his wife.
Methods: a bullet wound in the head Young brought a mystical gift: picking up a particular object, such as a blow mutilated Marshal badge, David is able to move in time and location of the key events related to this subject. And even affect the causal link.
The bottle is not mineral water.
Special achievements: still not crazy, leading its investigation in a world reminiscent of a big Black Lodge of the “Twin Peaks” .
From what has been said: “Time stood still for me.” Young usual talking to himself.

9. Райдо Кудзуноха, серия игр Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner

Young Raido with the assistant.
Extract from the personal file: working detective in an alternate Japan early twentieth century, where mysticism easily intrudes into the lives of inhabitants and prevents live and thrive into old age. Young Raido – a sample of the Japanese guards order: always smart, physically fit, brave and smyshlen. Excellent command of the gun and katana, could compete on equal terms with such hooligans as Dante and Nero. Patriotic, like all decent Japanese.
Methods: Kudzunoha was passing through the generation of rank and position “summoner of demons.” The boy enlists agents in a variety of vermin, which is used for intelligence, mind reading and arrest criminals. Recruitment takes place as follows: Raido pounding demon as long as he does not agree to all its terms and conditions.
The flasks Raido comprises caught daemons. Collectable figures sometimes produced in small batches with varying bundle.
Special achievements: Raido maintained order in the streets of his native city in a particularly important period for Japan, when over Meiji Restoration and the country grinds depart from the protracted Middle Ages.
From what has been said: “Please, kill me in the day of my sixteenth birthday!”. A young Japanese woman turns to Raido request, after which the events of the game will rush at a gallop.

8. Sam and Max game series Sam and Max

Sam and Max to the Rescue. Save yourselves!
Extract from the personal file: the pair snuck on computer screens back in 1990 from the comics world. Then they went on a long vacation, after which a great success attended the video again. Dog Sam and Max anthropomorphic rabbit, although Max ignores the clothes of questionable principles. Working for the police, taken for the most dark and dangerous things. Sam phlegmatic, impassive, meticulous work. Max mad, hyperactive, dangerous to others. Together they represent a truly lethal force.
Methods: ignoring the logic of the Criminal Code, the Constitution, the laws of physics.
The investigation is in full swing.
Special achievements: conquered time and space (trampled land of ancient Egypt and the Moon), successfully introduced in the Toy Mafia.
From what has been said: “Sometimes from the music store I want to massacre” … – “I’ve got almost all of it is.” Chatter teammates.

7. Джек Уолтерс, игра Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth

Jack rarely liked by people.
Extract from the personal file: served as a police detective in the United States of the early twentieth century. I got a serious trauma, running machine of ancient civilizations in the house Boston cultists. Suffering from amnesia, panic attacks and hallucinations. Despite this, the acknowledged master of the reputation of private investigation. While investigating the disappearance of a man hit the hospitable town Innsmouth, where he soon tried to kill. The whole city. Clever successfully overcomes his own madness.
Methods: during the investigation prefers to quietly poke his nose into every place where you can find a clue. Frankly poor health does not allow him to shine in the fight, and at every opportunity Walters flees. And that, some officers of the law and in these days use the same method …
One of the suspects in the case.
Special achievements: it contributed to the destruction of the underwater city Y’ha-ntlei populated entirely by criminal elements.
From what has been said: “We must look at this band of lunatics!” Walters driven by professional duty mixed on curiosity.

6. Sylvester Buchelli game Anachronox

Sly lives in a world without sunlight. And it is not at all concerned.
Extract from the personal file: Buchelli – nuarny classic detective working in a science fiction. It looks like the character Frenka Millera comic book, thinks and behaves like a character and, just as in Miller’s comics owes money to the mafia – for which he was sometimes thrown into the second-floor window. Alive and kept afloat only through the living and sharp mind. Surrounded by a colorful team of associates, including the identity of the dead digitized secretary, superhero-drunk and repeatedly smaller planet with chatty government. Talents Sly numerous as the trouble that he has successfully found its neck in all corners of the galaxy.
Methods: Buchelli instantly offers to his people, robots and aliens. Brilliantly owns hacking skills, surveillance and stampede to the dying planet.
Fresh shiner not deprive Boots detective activity and optimism.
Special achievements: stopped carnivorous space Beehive, devouring entire worlds.
From what has been said , “Hey, I stripped all the knuckles because such nonsense ?!” Booth considers alien artifact, capable of destroying the planet.

5. Ronan O’Connor, the game Murdered: Soul Suspect

Colleagues say goodbye to a hero. The fun begins.
Extract from the personal file: repeatedly seen in discrediting his connections, but then became firmly on the path of service to the law. In search of a ruthless serial killer turned out to be insufficiently agile, for which he paid with his life. But the message of the celestial administration reminded of the need to end the earthly affairs before a long holiday, so that Ronan has still investigating as a ghost. I was depressed, and wisely takes advantage of the updated status. Stylish hat, a cigarette in his mouth and seven bullet holes in his chest became almost the most recognizable image of detective games.
Methods: The examination by passing through a wall, a survey of dead witnesses, mind reading.
Ronan always decorated with illuminations.
Special achievements: tearing demons literally in shreds.
From what has been said: “You have killed, Mr. Sieve”. Girl-medium jeering at Ronan.

4. Edward Carnby, a series Alone in the Dark game

A gun and a flashlight, basic tools Carnby.
Extract from the personal file: Carnby works in areas from which the police kept away. In mid-1920 he had to flee from evil spirits inhabited the mansion, then a detective Carnby gained the reputation of the Ghostbusters. It was the first character of the genre survival horror; Redfield, Kennedy and other fans to walk among the monsters had escaped into the world much later. Edward resourceful (puzzles solved – do not count), cynical and witty. Good gunner and driver. Working alone. In the dark.
Methods: Due to the nature of the work Carnby constantly improvising. The last part of the series (2008) lit in the truest sense of the word. That is often used against demons perfectly implemented fire developers.
And Edward have no luck with women …
Special achievements: prevent the coming of Lucifer, to be held in (who would doubt!) Central Park in New York.
From the above: . ‘? What’s it like – to be alone “-” I do not get used ” Prince of Darkness talking to Edward.

3. Itan Tomas, a series of games Condemned

Working contingent Thomas.
Extract from the personal file: served operative homicide FBI. Until smart maniac does not set him up and forced to embark on a run. Thomas honorably released from the position, but soon the constant depression and hallucinations drove him into a dense fog of alcohol. And yet, when colleagues knocked out for Ethan to return to work, it turned out that the grip at that old. He is prone to violent outbursts, unbalanced, but is able to unravel the most horrific murder. Masterful techniques of fencing and picket fence with a shovel.
Methods: Thomas available mystical sixth sense, he is able to literally sniff out clues and see the inner eye actions of criminals.
Inhabitants of urban bottom are always ready to impede the investigation.
Specific achievements: a scrap metal pipe dispersed sadomasochists cult.
From what has been said: “And why kill always in such disgusting places? Why can not we do it in a quiet place, without the drug? “(When viewed from the scene).

2. Бигби, игра The Wolf Among Us

He was not angry. Just serious about work.
Extract from the personal file: Bigby (passport – Big Scary Wolf) is the sheriff Feybltauna. In this town live fairy tales characters, among which there are, for example, a rogue such as the three little pigs from the homonymous story. Criminals are also present in the set – what a fairy tale without a crime?
Bigby – another reference to noir, this time by Bill Willingham, author of the comic-source. Wolf always gloomy, unshaven, enveloped in cigarette smoke, it is rude, threatening and always ready to make a thrashing as the suspect and witnesses. At the same time he devoted to his cause entirely. To tail.
Methods: in Feybltaune Bigby respected and feared, and it uses the sheriff. Head stranglehold and allow it to extract valuable information. In an emergency, Bigby uses innocent trick turns into the Wolf-sized station wagon.
Wolf has to deal with very distinctive personalities.
Special achievements: ripped twisted plans of the dangerous criminal Feybltauna.
From what has been said: “I know that you know that I can not leave until you understand what’s happening here.” Bigby polls slippery witness Toad.

1. Maks Peyn, Max Payne series of games

Payne always with a gun. Or two.
Extract from the personal file: Payne, like Batman, best known for his fighting qualities. He incomparable shooter, but it is a talent spotter allowed him to unravel some vague things. The appearance on the streets of a new drug or raids mysterious killers cleaners – without Payne city police have stood on the ears for a long time.
One of his main talent – the ability to make friends and acquaintances on both sides of the fence. At the time, he was helped and Russian gangsters and the Italian mafia. Someone, however, at gunpoint, but Max’s methods are different. Particularly notable third part, where Max, who already seemed down to the bottom of cut glass, was able to shake and reveal the secrets of the family of Brazilian millionaires. Experienced family tragedy. She does not smile. He said quotations.
Methods: The use of multiple links.
Special achievements: ripped off drug trafficking, arms trafficking ripped, tore the trade in human organs in the Americas. He taught shooters from the world of video games to slow down time.
In the third part of the great Max changed in appearance. But inside it remains the same.
From what has been said: “Lupino had hoped to stop us, but all he got – my attention.” Payne is on the trail valkirina drug.