The Crusaders will be released on PC February 28 – review

New Game Release

Strategic role-playing action Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Released on the Xbox in 2004. And now the owners of the PC will be able to get acquainted with the game. Publishing house Blueside announced that the game will be released in Steam 28th of February.

For owners of modern computers, they updated the control scheme from the gamepad, and it is recommended to use it for optimal gameplay. But a new system has also been created for those who prefer a mouse and keyboard.

The classic battlefields can now be admired in high resolution, and the game’s soundtrack has been rewritten.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders Continues Storyline Kingdom Under Fire: A War of Heroes. Its action takes place on the mainland of Bersia, and players have to fight including elves, orcs and ogres.

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