September 4 teams CrowCrowd and Unicorns of love meet in the final LCL Summer 2021 by League of Legends. It’s time to get to know the members of the best teams of the summer split of the Continental League, because very soon the champion of the region will go to 2021 World Championship



UOL and CC have already met in the LCL Summer 2021 playoffs. Maxim Jestkui Max Filipenko… The team with the raven on the logo dealt with the future opponent in the final confrontation quite confidently, losing one card, but stumping the opponent on the others.

According to the old rules (there was no lower bracket in the region before), CrowCrowd would have already knocked out a serious opponent from the fight and would have been considered the champion in absentia in the eyes of the absolute majority of League of Legends viewers in the CIS. However, luck turned out to be on the side of Unicorns of Love: in the summer of 2021, the format of the Kontinental League playoffs was changed, thanks to which we will once again observe the heated struggle between the crowned heads and the contenders for the throne.


Unicorns of Love – crowned unicorns

Since 2019, Unicorns of Love’s winning streak has only been interrupted once, when the squad lost to ROX in the regular spring split of 2020. These were the times of the most severe coronavirus restrictions, the UOL final was eventually won, but MSI still did not go, as it was canceled. By the summer, UOL had regained shape and never lost important matches at home.

What’s the secret of UOL? Perhaps on a stable roster. Reshuffles on the CIS scene are not just the norm, but already a tradition of the off-season for all clubs in the region, except for Unicorns of Love. In three years, the team took Alexandra SaNTaS Lifashina in place Eduard Edward Abgaryan, and also actively changed shooters, but a bunch Vladislav BOSS Fomin, Kirill AHaHaCiK Skvortsov and Lev Nomanz Yakshin has been playing for the organization since its purchase of a Continental League slot in the summer of 2019. The club operates according to the “European” system of forming a roster around a strong backbone – judging by the results, the scheme is effective in our country as well.

BOSS – boss of the top lane

Personally, I have always considered BOSS the best player in the Continental League. He is reserved, calm and can carry a team even from the lane, from which players are rarely expected to do anything. Previously, Fomin played a lot (and extremely successfully) in SoloQ, sending two accounts to Challenger a season. And although now I have no way to track his progress in rating matches on all Smurf accounts, I think that the situation has changed little: I have not yet met such a hardworking guy.

BOSS. Source:

When I worked with him as part of the Dragon Army, for all the long hours of screaming, he never once whined about fatigue, did not complain about the coaching draft. In general, a very laconic characteristic suits him: a professional in his field. I never had a question as to why Unicorns of Love is holding on to this player.

However, any professional has a weak point. I think BOSS is most influenced by the meta. An excellent duelist, he rolls out on carry heroes anyone who dares to get close enough. Fiora, Camille, Gwen – if these girls appear in his hands, fans of the enemy team have a heart attack. In addition, many remember his “crocodile”, smearing enemies along the Summoner’s Rift. Perhaps in the current meta there are enough carry-toplainers on which BOSS can prove themselves, so their fight with NoNholy will be legendary.

AHaHaCiK – ripe forest fruit

Ayyashik is another Unicorns of Love member whose career I follow closely. Several times I watched his tri-outs (I even supervised some) and ended up working with him in the same Dragon Army, in conjunction with BOSS. And I can say with confidence that AHaHaCiK has never stood still.

Author: Maria Elric. Source:

Once upon a time, AHaHaCiK was hampered by his innate modesty. As an introvert, he rarely interacted with the team and sometimes missed chances due to lack of calls. Having mastered the professional scene, he clearly began to feel more confident and learned how to transmit all the necessary information to voice chat. Now Skvortsov is a regular participant in videos on the team channel, in which he jokes hilariously, and in the “Overheard” episodes we enjoy his calls.

AHaHaCiK. Source:

Season after season, AHaHaCiK refined his playstyle: when the player was accused of being too fond of ganking on the top, which made his routes predictable, he turned his attention to the middle and bottom lane. As soon as we noticed that his aggression in the enemy forest often ends with a feed, he began to play more accurately. I believe that AHaHaCiK works masterfully on errors – and this is its strong point. By the way, he was engaged in kickboxing for seven years, just know this fact.

Nomanz – fearsome midlane lion

Nomanz is the most media player in Unicorns of Love, and this is not only his personal victory, but also a test. Passing through copper pipes, not everyone remains themselves, and fans watch his transformations with caution. Nomanz even took part in the “Evening Urgant” program, where he showed “Wana Puja” a branded unicorn.

Nomanz and Ivan Urgant. Source:

Nomanz in the middle is a car. Sometimes it is carried into a ditch even before the sixth level, but if the coin falls on the right side, then without exaggeration, he can leave the line with a score of 5: 0, and then single-handedly close the rink. There is a Caps player in Europe, and depending on how his game went, he is called Crabs for crustacean, or Claps for applause. Perhaps the time has come to come up with such telling nicknames for Nomanz.

If Nomanz gets the game going, CrowCrowd will beg for mercy. We will find out exactly how the final coin will fall on Saturday. But even Koreans were afraid of his Kassadin!

Argonavt – the hero in pursuit of the first gold

Andrey Argonavt Yakovlev first appeared on the radars of the professional League of Legends in the CIS at the Open Cup 2020 tournament as part of Funny Yellow Dog. Proving again my thesis about the need to resume tournaments for the teams of the second division, in just a year and a half on stage, he became the shooter of the best team in the CIS (until CrowCrowd or any other team proved the opposite).


The character of Argonavt is unfamiliar to me – he has given too few interviews so far and has recently started playing in the “big league”, unlike his teammates. However, I remember one of his sparkling jokes. When the viewer asked him to “tell the secret of farming,” he replied: “When you finish off creeps, you get gold, if you don’t finish off creeps, you don’t get gold.” I grunted genuinely.

According to the official contract base from Riot Games, in mid-July, Argonavt signed an agreement with UOL until the end of November 2022. Apparently, the carry is completely satisfied with the organization, and the passage of shooters through the pink conveyor will subside. We will see the first really important test of an esports career on September 4 live on the RiotGamesRU channel on Twitch.

SaNTaS – a married unicorn

Like all the best professional supports in their field, SaNTaS plays on Hookers and Engagers. Seasoned LCL viewers know that the bottom lane playmaker is almost half a team’s success. SaNTaS does the job flawlessly, providing teammates with room to maneuver from game to game. Perhaps the key quality of this esportsman is stability.

SaNTaS. Source:

The SaNTaS career is pretty amazing for a CIS player. He played under such famous tags as Team Empire, and Vega Squadron – you must admit, the set does not sound like a typical loler. For the last two years, Lifashin has been playing for UOL.

By the way, SaNTaS is Unicorns of Love’s only married player. In the League of Legends community, this status of a player in a team is considered a “buff”: recently, not least due to the aging generation of players, teams that achieve success have at least one “married”.

CrowCrowd – a flock of daring crows

The CrowCrowd League of Legends team was created in 2016, disbanded in 2018 and revived in 2020 – at the same time the eponymous roster appeared in the Continental League. Now the co-owners of the CrowCrowd organization are Alexey Apnumen Peskov and Kirill Likkrit Malofeev, the latter also acts as a strategic director. It is not known whether all the strategies of the team are promoted by Malofeev, but those that exist definitely work. Many clubs in the Continental League fought for a place in the playoffs for years, occasionally emerging from the bottom of the standings, but the team under his leadership managed to make it to the second split in the history of the organization.

CrowCrowd started playing in 2021 Alexander NoNholy Ovchinnikov, Yaroslav MightyDragon Whistler, Nikita Griffon Gudkov, Vladislav Kinzu Belokon and Maxim Jestkui Max Filipenko, but by the summer split the carry was replaced with Evgeniya Mytant Zavalny… It was possible to write a separate article about why the players of this role in the CIS are most often changed, but in the case of CrowCrowd, it became obvious after a couple of weeks – the team was able to unleash the potential of the former shooter Vega squadron and ROX, who had not previously made it to the LCL playoffs and was hanging out in the tail of the team competition.


The weak point of CrowCrowd is the complete lack of media players. While Nomanz was shining on the blue screen on the air of “Evening Urgant”, some CC members did not even dare to maintain personal publics on “VKontakte”. The organization itself makes fun of the members – they flee in fear even from the official media days.

NoNholy – a crow with shark teeth

NoNholy started his career under the legendary tag Carpe Diem back in 2015, after spending several years at Vega Squadron, becoming a kind of symbol of the shark team and playing for it even in the darkest times. It seems that his passport was returned to him, and to celebrate, he fled first to Elements Pro Gaming, and then to the “flock of crows”.

About picks for NoNholy. Source: CrowCrowd

In Vega, Ovchinnikov did not show himself as a leader and a player providing the broadcast with highlights. More often than not, he dangled somewhere at the bottom of the tyrlists from the players, casters and viewers of the LCL. However, with his transition to CrowCrowd, everything changed: he began not only to demonstrate his personal skill, but also finally got a decent team, and with the results came the recognition of the community. The path was long and thorny, but now NoNholy is in a well-deserved place, and may be even higher.

LCL broadcast frame

By the way, there are rumors that ketchup is sometimes played instead. In any case, for several weeks in a row, a package of this sauce was located in the background of the cybersportsman’s webcam, and he himself sometimes disappeared from the frame. Coincidence?

MightyDragon – Wood Crow

MightyDragon is another native of the Open Cup series tournament. He also joined the “pack of crows” after the “shark”, in which he spent only one split. Before that, there were no eminent professional teams in his career.

Source: ShortyGeorge YouTube Channel

In an interview with caster Shorty, he noted that two years at the LCL gave him the opportunity to upgrade the team game, work on communication. Although the player thinks that the refinement of his personal mechanical skill was not so essential, I think he is being disingenuous. MightyDragon is clearly “played out” – it has become more impudent on the map at least. And it’s interesting to watch his aggression.

By the way, the champion pool of AHaHaCiK and MightyDragon is very similar: there are Nidalee, Graves, and many other useful heroes.

Griffon – Crow in the mid

According to teammates, Griffon is one of the main pranksters in the team. MightyDragon noted that an esports player can defuse the situation even at the most serious moment of the match.

Griffon’s champion pool is quite rich, with many physical heroes: Lucian, Jayce, Tristana, and even Renekton. At the same time, the classic control magicians are also available, so there will be something to oppose to UOL.

Second split statistics. Source:

Although the nickname of this esportsman is spelled as the name of dwarf dog breeds, a majestic mythological creature is still much more suitable for him. It turns out that you can think of the following riddle for LCL fans: “With the body of a lion, the head of an eagle, but in fact a crow.”

Mytant – white (mutated!) Crow

It is known that in CrowCrowd everyone is charged for the result, and the task of winning the grand final of the LCL has been facing cybersportsmen since last year. During the announcement of the arrival of Mytant in the roster, the club said that the player has a mindset suitable for the team.

In the LCL 2021 Summer Split, Mytant mainly played on Aphelios. On this arrow, he played nine professional matches in a year. The second most popular peak was Seraphine – also a new and not too familiar hero for the region. One thing can be said: it seems that Mytant trusts teammates one hundred percent.

An interesting fact: he started playing in the “fake” Moscow Five. At the same time, upon joining the LCL, Zavalny changed his nickname – earlier the cybersportsman was known as MewTwo. Let’s hope it was a subtle irony.

Jestkui Max – Good Crow

Jestkui Max’s path in professional League of Legends is a thorny one. He started back in the days of StarLadder, playing under the nickname Montanegro. Of course, the current nickname is much cooler and more memorable, so the choice was ultimately made in his favor. Filipenko had both ups and downs in his career: back in 2016, he won the Candidates League with BOSS, then stumbled with Team Just in the middle of the LCL standings, and also played several times in the Continental League playoffs with Dragon Army and Gambit Esports, but never became a regional champion. The new ending is an old challenge. It’s time to win!

Recently, Jestkui Max has begun to actively stream, and not only League of Legends. He is an avid gamer who is ready to play a variety of titles to take a break from SoloQ. Lookhow fun it “burns”, you can on Twitch.

Jestkui Max’s favorite League of Legends champion is Alistar, a powerful minotaur. His taunt, during which the character knocks the bell, is strongly associated with the support CrowCrowd. Fans paint him amazing art related to this feature.

Jestkui Max as Alistar. Art by Orpheus. Source:

The broadcast of the Continental League Summer Split Finals will begin on September 4 at 15:00 Moscow time. Riot Games has prepared an entertainment program for the audience, as well as prizes for the luckiest fans. For example, in a random order, users who join the broadcast will be able to get the “Withered Rose of Syndra” image on the League of Legends RU server. Learn more about the awards while watching the LCL Summer 2021 Grand Finals can be read on the official Riot Games website.